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It's time again for the HAPPY APRIL SWAP. As the other October Swaps and April Swaps it is open to all fandoms. So spread the love and come swap with fellow fans :)
I will also be pimping this on tumblr this year again as many fandoms mostly happen over there these days and I feel the more participants the merrier the swapping is :D

What it is: Happy April Swap is a gift exchange. You post a comment with what you'd like to give and what you'd like to get. Others will reply to you when they can fulfill your requests; you reply to others when you can fulfill theirs.

What to exchange? Whatever you'd love to! Anything from friendship to chocolate or tea goodie bags. Perhaps you'd love a custom fic, banner or icon. Perhaps you love to make mixes or friends only banners or are a knock out beta. Old books, DVDs, postcards from other countries, knitted goodies, anything your heart desires. You never know what people might have to give.

How to go about it: Reply to this post with this template:

and let us know what you're swapping. Then scroll through the comments and see what you can offer.

(For those of you who don't have a LJ account, there are two ways to comment: you can log in with Open ID via your tumblr account, or you can comment anon simply leaving your username as asked in the template for your comment. As long as there is a way for potential swappers to contact each other it's all good :))

Official Rules:
* Be excellent to each other.
* Respect each other.
* The swap will run for at least through april but if you stumble over it later than that, you can still scroll through and see if you find something and someone to swap with.
* If you'd like to receive something, please give something. Let's make this a fun exchange for everyone.
* Well, have fun and swap away!

If you haven't swapped with us before and are still unsure about how "Happy October Swap" works you can have a look at the October Swap tag here and the April Swap tag here to get the general idea behind it all :)

I would also be very grateful if you would help pimp this out. For this purpose there are four very pretty banners made by viennajones ♥ Just grab one - there are also handy codes to just copy & paste - and spread the word. Thank you so very much :)

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